The scoop on Houston’s best ice cream creations.


We had the pleasure of visiting Cloud 10 Creamery  recently and fell in love with their ice cream and the story behind how it all started.

Houston Press Best of Houston®- Best Ice Cream

If this Houston heat has you screaming for ice cream, then we know just the place. 

Second Cloud 10 Creamery 

COMING SOON: The hit Rice Village ice cream shop Cloud 10 Creamery is expected to make its Heights location debut sometime this summer. Prepare to indulge in its gourmet banana splits and creative flavors at 711 Heights Blvd.

Banana split at Cloud 10 Creamery

Ice cream is not just for hot weather. In fact, now’s a good time to check out chef Chris Leung’s wonderful new Cloud 10 Creamery in the Rice Village, when there’s room to breathe and the staff have plenty of time to put every last exacting flourish on your banana split…

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Sweet & Savory: 7-course dessert tasting is a special dining experience

Since opening in September, Cloud 10 Creamery has served as a platform for pastry chef Chris Leung to showcase his wizardry with frozen confections. Much has been written about Cloud 10’s banana split, previously described here as “five star,” but Leung offers an even more comprehensive opportunity to experience his cuisine with four ($48) and seven course ($68) dessert tastings...

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Chris Leung, a pastry chef who has worked in some of the city’s best kitchens, plans to open a new concept in ice cream shops in the spring. Located at 5211 in the Hanover Rice Village development, Cloud 10 Creamery will be the first retail store for Leung and his partner, Christopher Balat. Creating desserts such as apple cider and honey sorbet and roasted banana and cinnamon ice cream, Cloud 10 currently services restaurants such as Underbelly, Roost and Sundance Cinemas.

Chris Leung's Cloud 10 Creamery Coming to Rice Village

There’s no denying that Chris Leung is one of the finest pastry chefs in Houston, although the young Leung has only been on the scene for a few years, starting out with a two-year stint at the Houston Country Club. Leung was instrumental in the success of Bootsie’s before it closed, working side-by-side with chef Randy Rucker, and ran an equally intriguing pastry program at Yelapa. In 2011, he was named one of Houston’s Rising Star Chefs by Star Chefs and went on to compete in the organization’s International Chef’s Congress later that year.

Houston Eater Spotlight: Chef Chris Leung and Cloud 10 Creamery

He explains the appeal for the restaurants: “Working in a kitchen in a restaurant helps me to produce what the restaurant wants. If a restaurant wants a certain type of ice cream or they have a product they don’t know what to do with, I can [take the ingredients] and get it back to them in a couple of days.” For example, when Leung began working with Underbelly, they provided him with “tons of blueberries and blackberries” that became the flavor “black & blue”…

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Voted #3 in Houston's Top Ice Cream for National Ice Cream Month by the Houston Press

“This new ice cream venture from Kata Robata pastry chef Chris Leung is reflective of his passion for infusing his desserts with adventurous and eclectic flavors. Sure, he makes a chocolate ice cream, but it’s got a donkey kick of spice at the end. And his other flavors range from mild, subtle treats like Toasted Rice to the wild Hay ice cream he makes for Underbelly and Hay Merchant that tastes sweet, grassy, fresh and bright. You might suddenly find yourself understanding what cows see in the stuff after a few bites…”


Voted Top Ice Cream in Houston by the Houston Chronicle

“The pastry chef known for turning out killer restaurant desserts and intricate, multicourse sugar highs has recently launched an ice cream business already causing foodies to shiver with delight.”

“Dense, almost airless, enamel glossy and vividly flavored, Cloud 10’s lush scoops are putting ice cream lovers on cloud nine.”