About Cloud 10 Creamery

We spin things a little differently at Cloud 10 Creamery.

Our hand crafted ice creams and sorbets are blended a half a gallon at a time, with unique flavors and premium ingredients by our own award winning Pastry Chef Chris Leung. Cloud 10’s ice creams and sorbets are made with only the freshest ingredients: no artificial flavoring, no extracts, and no additives. We aren’t satisfied unless we deliver an exceptional product with the best flavor and texture possible. Chef Leung ensures that, with minimal air and hand selected ingredients, our ice cream will keep you floating on Cloud 10! 

Each season, we will offer ten sensational new flavors in addition to our original ten flavors. If you don’t see the flavor you desire, tell us what you are looking for and Chef Chris Leung will make your dreams come true with our small batch custom ice creams and sorbets. Sizes for all orders range from 4oz cups to half gallon cartons.



Sure, he makes a chocolate ice cream, but it’s got a donkey kick of spice at the end.
— Houston Press Blog
This new ice cream venture from pastry chef Chris Leung is reflective of his passion for infusing his desserts with adventurous and eclectic flavors.
— Houston Press Blog
I just want to do it right. The most important thing is the product....
— Chef Chris Leung, Houston Eater
Leung has labored to achieve ice creams and sorbets that are true, silken, iceless purity.
— Houston Chronicle
Dense, almost airless, enamel glossy and vividly flavored, Cloud 10’s lush scoops are putting ice cream lovers on cloud nine.
— Houston Chronicle
The pastry chef known for turning out killer restaurant desserts and intricate, multicourse sugar highs has recently launched an ice cream business already causing foodies to shiver with delight.
— Houston Chronicle